Corinthian Yacht Club of Edmonds

Reciprocal moorage

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Yachting Destination's interactive database for reciprocal moorage locations

For visitors to Edmonds

CYCE will reimburse one night of moorage (not including power) to a maximum of $40 each, at the Port of Edmonds guest dock, on the first come, first serve basis, for two visiting boats per day. There is a two day annual limit per boat on non-consecutive days. Please fly your burgee and enjoy Edmonds. 

Please pay the Port of Edmonds for your stay. For reimbursement, please email copies of your moorage receipt and current yacht club membership card to either our snail mail or email addresses. We would also enjoy it if you include a story of your journey to and visit in Edmonds. Email us at

We have casual series races February through October, including a cruising class in the summer series. Feel free to join us, with or without your BBQ, dodger, and even your dinghy! For more information about our series see our event calendar

For CYCE members visiting other places

As a member of CYCE you can enjoy reciprocal moorage privileges at many other ports. Rules vary, and generally reciprocal moorage is first come first serve, so do your research or take your chances. Feel free to reach out to anyone in the club for advice for places that are new to you!

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